Industrial transport ventilators

Radial transport ventilator

Radial transport ventilator - DETERMINATION:

Radial transport ventilator with back-curved blades and high performance, one-way intake and direct drive is determined for the extraction of air particles which include material and dust particles.
It is usually placed in front of the filtration equipment where blade wheel passes on energy not only to extracted air particles, but at the same time to the transported material.

Radial transport ventilator - DESCRIPTIONS:

One of the main parts of the radial transport ventilator is the circulating wheel, whose blades ensure the drawing of air particles in an axial direction and its displacement in a direction vertical to the direction of rotation. The spiral cabinet function is the transformation of kinetic energy of the transported material into pressure energy.

Radial transport ventilators are flexibly located by means of vibrating compensators on base.

The entrance and exit of the ventilator are usually provided with an elastic connector for the reduction of vibrations into the air-technical pipeline.

Radial transport ventilators - VERSIONS:

We produce ventilators with output values:
  • Air performance:       960 – 30 000 m3/h
  • Transport pressure: 520 – 8 000 Pa
  • Motor input:                0,55 – 55,00 kW
We make radial transport ventilators in material version class 11 or class 17. For the extraction of extremely abrasive material we produce the blade wheel as well as the spiral cabinet in a re-enforced version, or alternativly equipped with an anti-abrasive surface.

Reference photos:

Radial transport ventilator
Radial transport ventilator
Radial transport ventilator
Radial transport ventilator
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