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Extraction equipment and filtration equipment CARM V-BF

Extraction equipment and filtration equipment CARM V-BF

Determination of CARM V-BF filters:

Extraction and filtration equipment CARM V-BF is determined for the extraction and filtration of air with dust content. They are made for non-stop businesses use. Their purpose is for interior instalment, as well as outside of a production hall with no neccessity of roofing.

They find their use mostly during dust removal of small widespaced sources of dust coming from transport routes, such as transfer by coverered conveyor belts or elevators, and by means of CARM V – BF filter kept continually underpressure.

Their effectiveness is in the reduction of long pipe-lines and their instalment, and electrical energy savings otherwise needed to overcome pressurisation of long pipelines. We choose the size of filtration area according to specific needs.

Descriptions of CARM V-BF filter:

Insertable pocket fabric spot filter CARM V-BF , with automatic regeneration of filtration media by compressed air countercurrent, is able to filter air particles with a high concentration of dust content. Filter CARM V-BF is underpressure insertable filtration equipment, specified by its compactibility. Clean, filtered air leaves into an outdoor environment and the filtrate falls, during regeneration, back onto a conveyer or into an elevator.

Filter CARM V-BF has an effective filtration higher than 99.99 %.

Versions of CARM V-BF filters:

We produce extraction and filtration equipment CARM V-BF in two basic versions:

Is used mostly for dust removal from belt and vibrating conveyors or long spiral conveyors.

Used when elevator dust removing.
They can be also produced in versions for the extraction and filtration of combustible or explosive dust, and for placement into an explosive dangerous environment, according to ATEX 95. For chemical industry and food industry use, we suggest a stainless steel version (class 17), or a combination (class 17 + class 11).

Reference photos:

Extraction equipment and filtration equipment CARM V-BF
Extraction equipment and filtration equipment CARM V-BF
Extraction equipment and filtration equipment CARM V-BF
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