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Paper trim extraction

Paper trim extraction

Why to apply paper trim extraction?

Part of the process of making books, magazines, publications and wrappers is the creation of paper waste such as cuttings, trim, cut-outs, confetti and continuous paper strips, which accumulate quickly as a result of high speed production processes, and of dust elements which spread and settle in surrounding areas, and that is undesirable.

The high concentration, and especially dust settling, can cause the creation of an explosive and dangerous environment, which is undesirable.

The purpose of extraction and filtration equipment is for the extraction of paper trim, and that is the way to ensure its continual removal, along with dust extraction, and to stop it spreading and settling in the surrounding areas - all this while continual high extraction performance is maintained.

How to apply paper trim extraction?

For paper trim and dust extraction, waste sources are connected by a central extracting pipe system, which catches paper trim and dust, which is then released into a rotary separator which enables the division of extracted air particles into material components (>5mm) then led into a rotary separator where it gets further processed into dust component (<5mm). It continues further into the central filtration equipment, where the separation of dust from extracted air particles takes place.

In summer the clean, filtered air is led into an outdoor area and in winter back into a hall area - the result is an expressive reduction of heating costs. It is possible to further process paper waste by pressing, bricketing or pelleting.

Choice of paper trim extraction equipment

For quality extraction of paper trim it is important to make the right choice of compatibility of all connecting components such as ventilators, separators and filtration equipment. In most cases extraction equipment has to be suitable for the extraction of combustible dust together with air which creates an explosive atmosphere.

Reference photos:

Central extraction paper
Central extraction of paper trim
Central extraction paper
Central extraction of paper trim
Central extraction paper
Central extraction paper
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